Benefits of My Raw Pet Food

  • My Raw Pet Food is made fresh, vacuum-sealed and then frozen to keep vital nutrients intact.
  • My Raw Pet Food contains essential vitamins and minerals like Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids from natural or organic compounds.
  • My Raw Pet Food does not contain grains, fillers, or artificial substitutes. Our meals are crafted with 70% real meat and 30% vegetables to provide your pet with nutrients from healthy sources.
  • My Raw Pet Food does not contain steroids, hormones or chemical preservatives.
  • Sourced using ingredients from USDA certified facilities, or facilities held to equal or greater standards when outside the United States.

Compare us to the others below.

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Pet Foods

  • Freeze dried or dehydrated foods often claim they are “raw” but during the dehydration/freeze dry process most companies heat the food, therefore it is not truly raw.
  • Even though heat is used, dehydrated and freeze dried foods have not been processed with high heat-meaning much more nutritional value has been retained.
  • Needs to be rehydrated. Then it will be about 70-80% water—much better than dry food, and fits the moisture profile of a more natural diet.
  • Usually contain high quality ingredients than dry kibbles, but these foods often still contain grains and starches in the form of rice or tapioca.
  • The origin of the ingredients in dehydrated and freeze dried foods is often unknown.
  • Freeze dried and dehydrated food is a healthier option than kibble or canned foods for pet owners unwilling to feed raw.

Canned Pet Foods

  • Canned pet foods are processed with high heat and pressure, destroying many vital micro-nutrients.
  • Canned pet foods use mostly synthetic vitamins to replace the micro-nutrients lost in the preserving process.
  • Canned food typically contains protein derived from grains or grain by-products and sources such as corn gluten meal and wheat instead of protein from real meat.
  • Canned pet foods contain flavor enhancers, sweeteners, and other artificial chemicals and preservatives.
  • Canned food has a similar moisture content to raw foods (between 70 and 80%).
  • The origin of the ingredients in canned foods are unknown.

Premium Dry Kibble

  • Premium kibbles are processed with high heat and pressure which destroys many vital micro-nutrients the ingredients once contained.
  • Premium kibbles use mostly synthetic vitamins and minerals to replace the micro-nutrients lost in the preserving process.
  • Premium kibbles are loaded with carbohydrates (commonly soy, wheat, rice, corn, barley, potatoes, tapioca or starch) to serve as sources of energy and calories; they often use vegetables as their main source of protein.
  • Premium kibbles contain a lot of additives including but not limited to: toxic preservatives BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin to guarantee a 12-month shelf life, emulsifiers to bind fat and water, and artificial flavors and colors to improve appearance and palatability.
  • The origin of the ingredients in kibble are unknown.