My Raw Pet Food Ruca

Educated pet food consumers see it, but many just refuse to accept that the long established system of feeding pets highly processed recycled waste isn’t healthy. They just keep defending what is broken.

Dr. Melissa Brookshire DVM, a consultant to the pet food industry, recently provided her thoughts on “pet owner’s ongoing interest with raw” (pet food). Dr. Brookshire was confused…perplexed why consumers continue to support a pet food style (raw pet food) “despite the ongoing scientific concerns about this method of feeding?” She mentions the recent raw pet food recalls due to bacteria contamination and warnings to consumers of raw pet food from veterinarians, Centers for Disease Control, and FDA. She asks the question (about pet food consumers) “Is this the ‘It can’t happen to me’ mentality showing through or some distrust of hard science or something else entirely?”

Pedigree Pet Food – in the news of late for foreign matter protruding from kibble – told the world these are “natural fibers” and “animal hair” stating “they are completely safe for dogs to consume”.

Purina Pet Food tells veterinarians that the ingredient ‘animal digest’ is “an excellent source of high-quality protein.”

Hill’s Pet Food states “Corn is a nutritionally superior grain”.

Going back to Dr. Brookshire’s question…“Is this the ‘It can’t happen to me’ mentality showing through or some distrust of hard science or something else entirely?”

I believe the “mentality showing through” is common sense. Who – other than those that profit from it – would believe that recycled diseased animal tissue pet foods are healthy? Instead of what Dr. Brookshire suggests, that pet food consumers are suffering from denial (‘It can’t happen to me’), I believe consumers remember in vivid, painful detail how a pet food full of waste material or Chinese imports or GM grains devastated the health of their pet. Instead of denial, I believe consumers have the common sense approach of ‘It won’t happen to me (or my pet) again’. This is why pet food consumers are turning to non-traditional pet foods.

Pet food consumers don’t “distrust hard science”, we just happen to read more science than the limited studies they quote from. We’ve read the FDA testing results finding the ingredient ‘animal digest’ was one of four pet food ingredients FDA testing found “could include euthanized animals.” There is no amount of pet food PR that would make us believe such an ingredient is “an excellent source of protein”.

We’ve read the science on the risks of GM grains and the risks of even minimal amounts of mycotoxins in grains. We are not willing to gamble with our pet’s lives.

And we clearly see the Pedigree label displaying grilled chicken instead of grilled ‘natural fibers’.


No, it’s not distrusting hard science or denial or bucking the system. It’s not humanizing pets. It’s not ignoring sustainability or ignoring the need to ‘feed a hungry world’. It is pet food consumers no longer accepting antiquated methods of recycling waste into highly processed pet food (and other animal feeds). It is educated consumers that have had enough of the marketing spin of Big Pet Feed. We know waste ingredient pet food is broken; you can’t unlearn what we’ve learned.

They can try to defend their antiquated pet foods until the sustainable pasture raised cows come home. The truth is, their system of pet food is broken. Our system of pet food – real food – is thriving. Our pets are thriving. Now really…which one of us – Big Pet Feed or educated pet food consumers – is living in denial?

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