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Update: The newly provided FDA videos on how to report a problem with a pet food/animal feed have been removed from the FDA website and YouTube. Here’s why…

A day after the videos went live on the FDA website, they were removed. I sent questions to FDA asking why. I was told…”There was an error in the videos. The videos accidently showed product logos. FDA does not recommend one product over another and is working to remove logos of any product before reposting the videos.”

One of my favorite sayings applies here…’I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night’. My guess is that this was not an ‘endorsement’ concern at all. My guess is this was an animal feed manufacturer angry that their product was included in a video about how to report a problem feed to FDA. My guess is that this animal feed company thought their product being shown in this type of FDA video (reporting a problem food/feed) would portray their company in a bad light. I suspect this animal feed manufacturer called FDA threatening to sue if their product label wasn’t removed from the video. So FDA promptly pulled the videos.

FDA is now editing the videos to remove the product labels. When the videos are republished, I will provide them again.


(Original Post) Here are two newly produced videos from FDA; one geared towards consumers, one geared towards pet food/animal feed manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Both videos give guidance on how to report a food/feed related problem.

A pet food that sickened or killed pets needs to be reported to authorities. Unfortunately, most pet food consumers do not know to report the issue to FDA or how to report. FDA has produced two videos to help consumers and manufacturers understand how to report a pet food related problem and when it is required (by manufacturers).

Video for consumers…

And the FDA video for pet food/animal feed manufacturers and ingredient manufacturers (still interesting to watch even if you are not a manufacturer)…

Here are the links to the videos on the FDA website…

For consumers:

For manufacturers:


Please share these videos with your veterinarian and every pet food consumer you know.

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