Living in Rosarito, Baja, Mexico in a house on the beach.

A daily walk on the beach with our mini daushund, Junior, heading north from Playa Santa Monica, one day in January 2011, this cute little puppy, that was almost dead, suddenly appeared.

I wish we would have taken a picture that day…

She was born in the wild – probably 4 to 6 weeks old.

Her belly was as wide as she was long, it was so hyperextended. She smelled like dead seals – what she had been surviving on.  The first thing we noticed was that all she really wanted to do, for about 3 days, was DRINK FRESH WATER.  The poor thing had been drinking the only water available on the beach – ocean salt water.

She survived, and was the happiest camper in the world for it.  Until she was two years old, when she would meet new people she would roll over on her back and pee on their hand.

My daughter named her Ruca – in honor of the song by Sublime called “Waiting For My Ruca“. moved back to the states in 2011, bringing our new family member across with no problems.

In the fall of 2014 my daughter had apartment problems and could no longer keep the dog.  I was asked to keep her for “a couple of weeks”.

Well guess what happened in that couple of weeks..?


Then I started plotting on how to NOT give her back…

That turned out to not be an issue – she was mine.

I had never owned a dog myself, that I became attached to – I have always been a cat person.  So I began to learn how to be “a dog owner”.

She came to me with a half a bag of kibble.  That ran out, so then it was up to me what to feed her.

I quickly learned about the horror story that is pet kibble!!!

So I began researching dog food.  It didn’t take long to realize that RAW was the only way to go.

So I did a ton of research on which meat, veggies, fruits and supplements would be ideal for a canine diet.

So far it seems to be working.  It is hard to not notice how shiny Ruca’s coat is.

I decided to share this great new pet food with the world – to heal the pets!!

So, launching April 1, 2016, is our new company “My Raw Pet Food” – featuring all raw, uncooked, food for dogs and cats.  We hope you and your pets, enjoy our products for a long, healthy life together.